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The Seed Lawn Renovation Plan

We renovate lawns that exhibit dead spots, thin grass, excess weed growth, and general signs of failing lawn health.

The Only Guaranteed Seed Lawn Renovation Plan

At Andora, we offer an unmatched seed lawn renovation plan that includes:

  • Manual and systemic weed removal
  • Core aeration, which involves mechanically pulling soil plugs. Aeration increases root development and enables nutrients, oxygen, and moisture to reach the root zone. Core Aeration is integral to developing a lush green lawn.
  • Sprinkler system inspections to make sure coverage is optimum. If needed, we advise and make corrections.
  • Mechanically slitting Tall Fescue-type seeds directly into the soil bed. This equipment scores the soil and drops the seeds into the channel. This method is the best way to optimize seed-to-soil contact, which generates more germination and optimum results.
  • The Seed Lawn Renovation (1) Year Guarantee. See details below.

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