Lawn Care & Landscaping Service Options

Here at Andora Lawn & Landscape we offer a variety of services to help you create and maintain the beauty, and value of your home or business.

We specialize in providing organic-based and traditional lawn care programs. These organic materials will naturally build your soil for a stronger, healthier lawn and landscape.

Our lawn care and landscape services include professionally timed lawn care applications that will achieve the beautiful lush landscape you’ve always dreamed about. They include:

checkmark Lawn Care Solutions – Organic based lawn feeding, weed control, fertilization, disease control, seeding, insect control & turf thickening
checkmark Lawn Renovation – Under performing lawns may need Andora’s overhaul program to become weed free, thick & green again.
checkmark Lawn Mowing - Have a well manicured lawn with our reliable scheduled services.
Landscape Installation & Maintenance – Install trees, shrubs, flowers, sod turf grass, and sprinkler systems. Shrub & tree pruning, Spring/Fall clean ups, mulch & top soil.
Leaf Removal & Gutter Cleaning - Let Andora take care of this laborious task.

Lawn Care Service packages include:

Platinum Care Package


Gold Care Package

These professional application programs will eventually yield a thick beautiful green lawn, which feels wonderful to walk on and gorgeous to look at!

Please Contact Us for a detailed program tailored for your specific condition. Be sure to ask us about our combination Lawn Care / Mowing package.

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Lawn Renovation

Has your lawn been neglected and needs help becoming lush and green?

If so, we recommend Lawn Renovation to bring it back to life.

Dethatching – The process of removing thatch (dead grass) to promote better absorption of moisture and nutrients to the root zone.
Core Aeration – The process of removing small cores of soil which reduces compaction, improves the ability of the grass root to expand into the soil, helps the lawn health and vigor, also creates an ideal environment for new seedlings to thrive.
checkmark Seeding – To ensure great results, we over seed with only the best seed available. We individually select the seed for your lawn’s conditions.
Black Compost Top Soil - Top dressing with this rich top soil is essential for building soil structure for seedlings and existing grass to thrive.
Starter Fertilizer - Gives your new grass a boost for a quick “green-up” in the spring.
Lime Application – Existing turf grass and new seedlings perform best when the soil pH is correct.
Winterizer - Promotes deep root growth before the grass goes dormant for the winter.

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Lawn Mowing

We don’t cut grass, we create “Curb Appeal”.

Have a well manicured lawn with our reliable scheduled mowing service
Sharp blades resulting in a beautiful cut you can see with no brown tipped grass
checkmark Cutting at correct height, which encourages healthy disease free green lawns
Edging your beds and walkways for the sharpest look
We leave your property neat and clean picking up all debris
Maintaining your lawn from early spring until late fall

Please ask us about our combination Mowing / Lawn Care package!

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Landscape Maintenance & Installation

Let us help you keep your property looking green and clean year round!

Installers of sod turf, shrubs, trees and flowers for the new lush look.
Spring Clean-Up removes leaves and twigs from flower beds, shrubs, bushes and lawn for a fresh growing start.
Flower Bed Clean-up in the Spring is excellent time to prepare shrub and flower beds. Andora will ready your beds by weeding, tilling and adding rich compost.
checkmark Installation of Fresh Mulch is very beneficial and are used to beautify landscapes, conserve moisture, control weeds, improve soil structure and reduce the amount of maintenance work.
Natural Pruning for Trees and Shrubs to improve the health of your plants, and the appearance of your landscaping.

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Leaf Removal & Gutter Cleaning

Do You Hate to Rake?

Fall is a beautiful time with it’s gorgeous colors, however makes for a messy appearance upon your lawn and also prevents much needed sun from reaching your grass.

Let Andora Lawn & Landscape handle this laborious removal process from when that first leaf falls till that last leaf is raked!

Gutter Cleaning Removing leaves, twigs & debris from your gutters Bi Annually will prevent costly water damage to your home. Please ask about our maintenance program where you never have to remember scheduling a cleaning.

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By selecting Andora Lawn & Landscape to take care of all of your lawn care and landscaping needs, you’re giving yourself:

A professionally cared for lawn or landscape that reflects the pride you have in your home or business
Time to spend with your family and friends doing the things you really enjoy doing
Peace of mind knowing your lawn will receive organic based fertilizers that are safe for your children, pets, and the environment
checkmark A hassle-free experience that allows you to focus on the other areas of life that require your attention
checkmark Your weeknights and weekdends back to spend the time as you desire, not out sweating your time away out in your yard

Please take a moment to fill out our ‘Request an Estimate‘ Form to request a FREE Custom Lawn Analysis and to tell us about your landscape dreams for your home or business.

Look at your landscape maintenance not as a “cost” but as an investment in your property.

Real Estate studies have shown that a well kept lawn and landscape can add between 7 to 15% to the value of your property. You will get the money you spend back when the time comes to sell your property.

It really is like money in the bank!

Join the hundreds of other smart home owners in the Scarsdale, Pelham, Bronxville, New Rochelle, Eastchester, Mt. Vernon, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Harrison, White Plains, Rye or other Westchester County NY areas that have beautiful, lawns and landscape with less hassle, less head-ache, and zero stress as a result of Andora Lawn & Landscape!

Contact Us Today and Let Us Do All The Hard Work!

Lawn Care Guarantee

All our Services are backed by our industry rare ’10-Star’ Guarantee. If you aren’t happy, we’ll work to make it right. If you’re still not satisfied we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

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