Lawn Care Tips

Feed the Soil
One of the best things you can do for your soil is to rake an inch or so of compost into your lawn each spring and fall.

Feed the Grass
Leave grass clippings on the lawn, they provide nitrogen and do not contribute to thatch build-up. Thatch is an accumulation of dead, partially decomposed grass caused by excessive watering.

Re-Seed Annually
A thick turf is one of the best ways to control weeds. Seed in late summer or early fall with a mixture of grass seed, paying special attention to thin areas.

Mow High
Set your lawn mower to the highest setting and leave it there viagra online canada mastercard. Grass should be cut between 3-4 inches high, allowing it to shade its roots, conserve moisture and keep out weeds.

Water Less and Longer
Water for several hours in the early morning one day a week to yield one inch (1″). Over watering can create an ideal environment for lawn diseases to thrive. Avoid watering in the afternoon because of water lost due to evaporation, also in the evening because prolong overnight dampness can increase fungal disease incidence.

How to Measure One Inch (1″) of Water
Place several coffee cups throughout, under the water sprinkler and measure the time it takes to collect 1 inch of water in the bottom of the cup. You can use this time to determine how long your sprinkler needs to run to apply the necessary amount of water.

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