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A lawn does not only provide additional free space in a property. It does wonders to your home’s overall beauty. It raises a neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal several notches higher. However, it requires regular upkeep to maintain the well-manicured and attractive appearance or it might end up making your residence look messy, grubby, and old instead.

For hassle-free maintenance that provides superior organic benefits, we offer our organic lawn maintenance services. Specifically, we will implement these services as part of the package:

  • Flower Bed Clean-Up- We shall implement weeding and tilling services as well as the application of rich compost so as to help you prepare wonderful-looking shrubs and flower beds for a more beautiful and lush lawn.
  • Spring Clean-Up- We want to help you achieve a fresh growing start to stimulate life in your lawn all-year long. This is done by the elimination of leaves and twigs from bushes, shrubs, and flower beds as part of the clean-up.
  • Fresh Mulch Installation- This is a topnotch requirement that will certainly beautify any landscape and will guarantee moisture preservation, weed control, enhancement of soil structure, and reduction of the need for maintenance.
  • Natural Pruning of Shrubs and Trees- Not only is this particular service advantageous to the overall appearance of your lawn, but it is also great for improving the natural health of your plants.
  • Application of Natural Nutrients- We want to stimulate growth and improve health through natural means by doing this service. It will ensure you of a more lavish and fresh-looking landscape with a robust defense system against harmful pests and elements in the surroundings.

With our unique lawn program, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Much Better Soil Health- You can be sure that the natural nutrients we will supply to your lawn will greatly improve the health of the soil through the building of organic matter and the reinforcement of the defense system against pests.
  • Strengthened Defense System- You can expect your plants and the soil to toughen up more and become equipped with a much stronger defense system that will allow them not to be harmed by pests and other risky factors.
  • Natural Life Stimulation- With an organic-based lawn maintenance service, your lawn will certainly flourish as natural life is stimulated. You can thus have a more abundant, green, and lush landscape in your property.
  • Enhancement of Root Growth- Our organic solutions target the roots of the grass and your plants, hence increasing growth by a large percentage and giving your lawn a lovely, lavish look.
  • Reduced Drought Worries- You will not have to worry anymore about droughts and the problems they bring. Natural nutrients can significantly reduce these.
  • Guaranteed Safety for Pets and Kids- Because we don’t make use of harmful chemicals, you can be assured of safety for your pets and children as they play in the lawn.
  • Contribution to the Environment- What’s even better is that you are contributing to the good of the environment in choosing the organic program that we offer.

Our 10-Star Satisfaction Guarantee

No other company in the lawn care industry provides this kind of amazing guarantee. Our installation guarantee proves our utmost commitment to bringing nothing less than satisfaction and happiness to our clients. From our technicians to the technologies and materials we employ to the customer service we deliver even after the installation and care services, we have come up with an outstanding, groundbreaking system that have enabled us to give our clients more than what they expected and everything they deserve.

So what do you need to do to get this amazing service package?

  1. Call our toll free office number 1-877-263-6721 anytime. Should you call at hours when we are off work we may not answer instantly. However, please leave us a message and we guarantee a call back in not more than a business day.
  2. Alternatively, you can request the service package for free through our email, andora4homes@aol.com Just send us an email requesting for the intro to natural and organic lawn maintenance.
  3. You can click on the ‘FREE Analysis’ portal on our website and fill in the request for estimate form. We promise to give you an answer within a business day.

Stop worrying about how you’re going to get the beautiful, healthy landscape your property deserves and let Andora Lawn Care take care of all the hard work and hassles!

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