More than Just a Lawn Care Company…

“Finally, A Lawn Care Company That Understands How to Provide a Hassle-Free, Lush, Green Organic-Based Lawn Without the Over-Use of Potentially Harmful Chemicals!”

And a Special Offer For You Worth $147.64 Absolutely FREE*!

Dear Neighbor,

As you can probably already tell, Andora Lawn & Landscape IS NOT your typical lawn care company.

From our unusual website to our customer focused full-service organic-based lawn care solutions, we believe in doing things just a little bit different than everyone else.

Why? Because at the end of the day it means you get a BETTER lawn care service! You see, when we started this company several years ago we made the conscious decision to do things very differently.

We found that many service providers were:

So we set out to create a new type of lawn care service company that’s focused on providing you with a thick, lush, green lawn that’s beautiful, SAFE for your children and pets, and delivered in a manner that’s free from the typical hassles or stress caused by most service providers.

Are you fed up with unfilled promises made by other lawn care companies or service providers? Are you patient and understand that improvements to your lawn take time and attention and will NOT happen overnight?

Do you recognize and trust expert recommendations? Are you willing to follow our expert recommendations in terms of what needs to be done to your lawn? And will you commit to following our instructions so as to provide the best possible environment in order to achieve maximum results?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above questions then I feel confident in saying you’ll never experience another lawn care service provider like Andora Lawn & Landscape.

If on the other hand you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions, then chances are we won’t be a good fit for each other and you’ll probably save yourself some hassle by contacting another lawn care company.

You see, we’re VERY straightforward. We’ll always tell you what to expect and when you can expect results. We’ll also let you know exactly what’s going on with your lawn and not just some story in order to land you as a customer.

We believe in a very ‘No B.S.’ approach, so if this is something you are looking for, then I have 100% confidence in our ability to provide you with this beautiful thick, lush, green carpet.

In fact, if you think you fit the description of what makes a good client for us, then…

…We’d Like to Offer You Our ‘Introduction to Organic-Based Lawn Care‘ Service Package Absolutely FREE*!

(*for lawns up to 3,383 ft2 – for larger lawns incremental charges may apply)

This valuable package, which would normally cost $147.64, includes:

  1. A Custom Lawn and Soil Analysis to help determine the current health status of your soil and lawn
  2. A Detailed “Report of Findings” on the condition of your soil and lawn, helping to identify what’s causing any problem spots
  3. A Step-By-Step Action Plan for taking your lawn from ‘Drab to Fab’ this year
  4. A Valuable Consumer Guide titled, “How You Can Have an Amazing Lush Green Lawn Naturally, Without The Use Of Harmful Chemicals . . . The Facts You Must Know“. This information packed guide will help you understand ALL of the benefits of natural lawn care and why it’s a GREAT choice
  5. A FREE Organic Based Lawn Care Application designed to give your lawn all the natural nutrients it needs for maximum health, ensuring a thick, lush green lawn all year round

Again, this introductory package has a very real value of $147.64, but it’s yours absolutely FREE* simply for giving us an opportunity to show you just how different we are from every other lawn care service provider in the area.

Now, because of the time and cost involved with this introductory service package, we simply won’t be able to offer it forever. In fact, even though we haven’t decided when exactly we’ll be discontinuing this valuable offer, I can tell you it will be very soon.

So, to claim your FREE* $147.64 ‘Introduction to Organic-Based Lawn Care’ service package, do one of the following:

Also, feel free to take a look at the rest of our website to learn about the broad range of Lawn Care and Landscaping services we offer.

If you have a friend, relative or neighbor in the Scarsdale, Pelham, Bronxville, New Rochelle, Eastchester, Mt. Vernon, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Harrison, White Plains, Rye, or other Westchester County NY areas that you believe would benefit from our top quality, hassle-free lawn care services, we’d like to reward you for spreading the word about Andora Lawn Care & Landscape.

Simply send us their contact information via our ‘Refer-A-Friend’ page, we’ll contact them directly and present them with a valuable offer to try out our services.  In fact, whenever someone chooses to start a new lawn care program as a result of your referral, you’ll both get $50 off your next invoice!

Have questions about organic-based lawn care? Be sure to visit our ‘Lawn Care Tips’ page to get the answers you’re looking for!

If you ever have any questions, comments, or feedback you’d like to share with us, feel free to do so via any of the methods listed on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

And finally, if you’re worried about being ‘burned’ by another lawn care service then you’ll be happy to hear about our powerful ’10-Star Guarantee’.


Jay Kringdon
Owner, Andora Lawn & Landscape

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